CGR is a growing sales firm specialised in providing direct marketing solutions for the most ambitious companies in North America.

Taking Your Product To New Heights.

Whether you are entering a new market or adding a product to your offerings, growing and reaching a new audience is an arduous task even for the best companies.

We’ve been involved with many businesses, from startups to Fortune 500, and understand the limits of marketing at scale. That’s why we specialize in providing direct marketing solutions with our homegrown sales team.

(Almost) A decade worth of expertise.

In 2012, Christopher Gregory Roussis founded CGR Consulting in the beautiful city of Ottawa after years of experience in sales and client outreach. Working on a campaign with one of biggest processing companies in Canada, the team quickly grew to dozens of experts, some of which opened their own offices across the country. After a few years Chris moved back to Quebec in order to access the bigger Montréal market,landing deals with comapnies such as Fiserv and Goodfood.

We help deliver your products to a larger pool of customers.

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to scale your customer acquisition needs. Leverage our team of sales experts to lead your efforts by meeting new consumers wherever they happen to be.

An ambitious company and work environment.

As we are growing fast and expanding on more exciting campaigns, we are always looking for driven and passionate individuals to join our ranks. Our team consists of salespeople of all levels, all working together to satisfy the needs of our clients while growing and refining their skills.

What's working with us like

  • Supporting Your Success

    Whether you are new to sales or have years of experience under your belt, we give you the tools to learn, grow, and succeed. By coaching you whether on-site or remote, teaming up with more experienced colleagues until you’re confident, and attending conferences together, we put all the chips in to make you succeed.

  • Helping You Grow

    Nurture your skills in a plethora of fields such as time and money management, coaching, public speaking, and a lot more. We actively closely monitor the performance of each team member to ensure they recieve the adequate mentorship. Work with the latest technology and track your own progress overtime as you evolve.

  • Learn More & Earn More

    Our compensation model encourages self-initiative and consistency. With no ciellings to how much you earn per week, month, year, you have the opportunity to be flexible in your work hours or maximize your income. We offer regular cash bonuses for high performers as well as dinners and social events. Work hard and play even harder!